Frammenti is the new project by Italian filmmaker, photographer and skateboarder Enrico Cerovac. The book will be presented in Milan on Friday November 27th (6.30 PM) at Fibol Shop (Via Vigevano, 1).

“Enrico Cerovac started documenting skate sessions with friends, trips and anything happening around him, using his father’s HI8 camcorder, back in the late 90s. As a skateboarder, he capitalized on his ability to move and adjust to all environments, both urban and not. Throughout Europe, he shot zillions of pictures, using compact and disposable cameras, for both practical and economic reasons, and collected and classified hundreds of rolls and Mini DV tapes. “Frammenti” springs from the need to gather in one single zine a selection of these picture, taken from the late 90s to this day. From photography to moving images, every shot selected for this project comes from a series of experiences, immortalized by a Sony Mini DV and a Beaulieu Super 8 cameras: these pictures, fostered jealously, are a personal interpretation of all the moments, the places visited and all the people met so far, who shared important experiences with the author and contributed to his personal and professional growth.“ (Forty)

Looking forward to see it. Great job Enrico!