Out in the newsstand there's an article on Rumore Magazine Issue 302 about Sicilian music scene with my pictures and a little interview about my works and some of the influences between skateboarding and music. Thanks Gianluca Runza and all the featured Sicilian artists. Grab a copy in the Italian newsstands!


"I have spent a lifetime trying to become invisible. As a documentarian my goal is to disappear, to observe without disturbing the world I'm trying to capture. It is obviously impossible to actually achieve this, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Disappearing into the background is an effective strategy to bear witness to moments that would otherwise be inaccessible. Candid intimacy is the term I've used to describe my work, and my vanishing into nothingness is the imperative. But what happens when you become so expert at this that you begin to disappear in your own life?”  Ed Kashi
Full article HERE

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