A few years ago my father gave me a box containing the negatives of family archives that belonged to my grandfather Claudio Majorana. The box had been stored in our family's country house attic for about 50 years and contained almost 4000 frames shot between 1940 and 1959.
Each strip of 36 frame rolls was rolled up and wrapped in vellum paper where my grandfather wrote a date and the related events. Considering the range of time in which these pictures were shot, the oldest negatives had been left rolled up for about 70 years.
Among them I found the pictures taken by my grandfather during the first Sicilian political mission to United States. In 1957 he was part of the Sicilian delegation that was invited by the American State Department to develop relationships between American and Sicilian economy and finance.

Right now I'm working on the restoration and digitization of the archives.
Take a look at the pictures shot in New York City and Washington DC during the political mission before the final project is completed. 
The full article was published by Leica (link here).  

Mechanical malfunction on the way to New York City, Shannon Airport, Ireland 1957


New York City 1957


The Sicilian Delegation, 1957


Society of Militello - Angelo Majorana, Little Italy, Manhattan NYC 1957


The Sicilian delegation in front of the International Monetary Fund, New York City  1957


View of Manhattan from the Empire State Building, New York City 1957


President of Sicilian Region Giuseppe Alessi interviewed on TV, 1957


President Alessi and the delegation interpreter, 1957


Left: Members of the delegation in Manhattan (Empire State Building in the background), New York City 1957
Right: Washington Monument, Washington DC 1957


United States Capital, Washington DC 1957


Left: "Siesta" at National Gallery, Washington DC 1957
Right: The Sicilian delegation in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial, Washington DC 1957


Meeting 1957


United Friends of Sicily testimonial dinner in honour of President Alessi and his delegation, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City 10th March 1957 (picture by Drucker-Hilbert Co.)