HEAD OF THE LION                                                                                                                                            2011 - 2017


This is their story, but also the story of me and them. It's the story of the second adolescence I started living again on that summer day I met Peppe, Ciccio, Gabriele, Lemuel, Mario, Giancarlo, Giosuè and Samuel.

During summer of 2011 the kids were all into skateboarding. They used to spend their days at the lower level of an abandoned building site where they found most of the materials they needed to build their ramps. The fact they already knew me as a skateboarder was the kick start of our friendship. 

I met the kids when they were between 11 and 13 years old. Since 2011 I've been documenting their lives, the time they spent with their families, the school days, their first loves and almost everything they went through adolescence.

The name of the project comes from a place in my hometown known by a few as Testa ro Liuni (Head of the Lion). It's one of the highest cliffs along the city coastline created by lava from Mount Etna during one of the ancient eruptions that covered the Sicilian city of Catania, Italy. It's also the place where the kids from the suburbs go to jump from the rock that reminds them of the animal that will either frighten them or give them the guts to dive into the sea. Those who climb up the rocky lion and refuse to jump will be considered nothing but scum.

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In the following pictures you can see a preview of the editing process for the last book dummy.


During Summer of 2011 the kids filmed and edited this skateboard video made with their cellphones.


I was born in Catania, Sicily (Italy) in 1986. I've always been divided between art and science as one of my parents is a doctor and the other a painter. I am a documentary photographer and medical student and my projects are focused on adolescence, skateboarders and youth related social issues. I'm keen on film cameras, skateboarding and book binding.
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Claudio Majorana