The Recent History of Sicilian Skateboard Tours is a project and a zine about the recent spate of skate trips to Sicily. After the first tour organized in 2004 by TWS and 411VM, Sicily experienced a growing interest from international skateboard companies. Every year around four international skateboard teams come visit Sicily. Between 2011 and 2013 I've been following most of the skateboard tours taking place in my island. 

The project originally appeared on Desillusion Magazine and then was printed in 200 hand-bound, numbered and signed copies. The zine contains also the story of how skateboarding came about on my island, along with the interviews I collected from the local skaters and from the professional skateboarders who travelled here back in the nineties as Jeff Kendall.
The zine was presented at Ritmo in 2015 and became part of Self Publish, Be Happy and 8-Ball Community archive. More pictures here





Language: English and Italian
Publication date and place: April 2015 - Catania, Sicily, Italy
Binding: handmade with glue
Number of pages and images: 48 pages, 26 images
Printer: Xerox
Size: 5.3" x 7.6"  (13.5 x 19.2 cm)  
Paper density: 253 gr
Extra contents: stickers and packaging
Circulation: 200 numbered and signed copies
Publisher: self published in Sicily with the help of Ritmo, Chef Family, Etnies, Strange, Enimol and Altro.
Archives: Self Publish Be Happy, 8-Ball Community, Zines of the Zone.